There was a knock on the door. Quid marked her place and walked over to it. She opened without looking and was surprised to find her whole team there, Hye-Jung at the front holding a tray of rice cakes. Behind her Ivan had a homemade cake with an imperfect 100 in icing decorating the top.

“Um…hello?” Quid greeted, holding onto the door tightly.

“Happy one hundred days,” Hye-Jung announced, and behind her Orrick, Elita, Ivan, and Falin echoed the sentiment.

“Happy one hundred days?” Quid repeated.

Hye-Jung nodded, stepping around her into the apartment, the others following. Hye-Jung paused to toe off her shoes, but other than that made her way straight to the kitchen table. Orrick ruffled Quid’s hair, Falin clapped her on the shoulder, Elita smiled warmly, and Ivan gave her a one-armed hug. Quid closed the door and trailed her team into her kitchen.

“What’s going on?” Quid said as everyone settled into chairs.

“When you decided to join our team you decided to begin a new life, you were reborn,” Hye-Jung informed her. “In my country the survival of the first one hundred days of life is celebrated so – congratulations. Happy one hundred days.”

“Thank you,” Quid whispered.

“Cut the mush, let’s eat the damn cakes,” Falin ordered.

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