Rectangular, black-framed glasses sit right before the tip of his nose. He pushes them back up to right below the bump of the bridge of his nose. He probably puts his hands back in his pockets to occupy them, he only takes them out to hold the subway pole or adjust his red and black tie. His left foot rests on the outer most edge of his brown shoe and he tips it back and forth. He missed some spots shaving. He does the same with his right foot, but prefers his left. He is with at least four other people, but is outside the group. There are a few long hairs just below his right sideburn that he must have not seen this morning.


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  1. Yelly says:

    How do you find time to write so consistently?


    1. Hey Yelly, it is actually something I struggle with a lot. These subway posts are not all recent. I started observing and writing about people in the subway last year when I broke up with my boyfriend. I took a break from it and only got back into it a few months ago. Mostly I just make the time. I am writing my MFA thesis currently so this blog has almost become an escape for me. Some of these posts are small snippets or lines that I jotted down when they hit me and I came back to later. I usually have 3-5 small notebooks that I carry around and write in. I work from the front and back of the notebook, the longer pieces are in the front and the snippets and vignettes that hit me I write in the back. Just remember that even when you aren’t physically writing things you are still in the process of writing. Your everyday experiences, interactions, and observations feed your creativity and give you the material you will use later. I hope that was helpful : / littlegentian29@gmail.com if you have more extensive questions


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