The Receptor

I am on the subway in short exercise shorts (why is it that exercise clothes for women are even MORE sexualizing than our regular clothes? Probably to remind the people in power that we are still fuckable and that us training to to be able to run away and fight back is not threatening at all – because they can still rape and kill us and no one will prosecute them) and a grey tank top trying to think about what my X-Men mutant powers would be. I have come to the conclusion that my starting powers (because they always start off rather basic and then discover/receive new powers) would be crippling empathetic powers and amazing, but torturous hearing. Why those two powers you ask? Because I already have an overactive sense of empathy, I hurt for people, sometimes even when all I want to do is hate them. And the hearing? Well, I have misophonia and endlessly surprise my boyfriend with how I can hear the man three feet away chewing his gum when we are on a busy and loud subway train. I will be called The Receptor because I receive all input emotionally and aurally with no place to put it. Perhaps my next discovered power will be Feminist Rage where witnessing patriarchal/sexist/misogynistic/gender crimes and microaggressions turn me into a miniature hulk capable of razing entire cities to the ground, but everyone still thinks I am cute and considers me harmless.

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