Love and Doubt

Love and doubt. I listened to a podcast one day about doubt and religion. The guest and host spoke about how questioning and doubt used to be an important part of religion. Now days, questioning and doubt signal immediate loss of faith and is squashed unrelentingly. Braced over my lover, staring into his green eyes as he blinks and his pupils dilate and constrict, I think that I can finally see the other side of the coin. What is opposite and still part of love is not hate, it’s doubt and questioning. Love is not supposed to be blind and unquestioned. It is through my doubts and questioning that love grows stronger and deeper. If love is never questioned or doubted, how can you ever know its strength and depth and its ability to endure? Doubting and questioning are natural and only become detrimental when you don’t give the other side its chance to respond.

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