Resting Inside Myself

What Would I Be if I Actually Rested in Me?

I would be less anxious. I would breathe easier. My chest would be open as if my ribs had unhooked to free my lungs to accept as much of the world into them as they wanted. I would have less random aches and pains flaring up without warning. My immune system would be strong. I would more easily be able to sit in silence without panic or fear. My hear would beat slower and softer, not slamming painfully against my rib cage. I would fall asleep at night without having wracked my mind for endless things I have not done. I would sleep without anxiety-provoking dreams. I would trust myself and be confident in my decisions and intuition. I would take better care of myself and take breaks without guilt. I would be able to sit in every moment of my life fully present. I would love and accept myself as I am without judging my pieces as good or bad. My mind and body would be fully integrated. I would judge people less and not be angry all the time. I would be open to change.

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