Please Engage Imagination, then Try Again

The mornings on the train where I look around and feel that there are no interesting people to look at always make me wonder. Is it that my imagination is back in bed sleeping or is it that it’s winter and everyone is wearing boring dark colored jackets devoid of personality that obscure the person beneath? Could it be that I did indeed pick the boring car? I doubt it’s the last one and more that my brain doesn’t want to engage.

There is a man hunched over his phone with short, shaved, auburn hair and a full beard with a mustache that vaguely reminds me of my ex. He has a wedding band and black canvas sneakers on. Black backpack between his feet with a water bottle in the side pocket. His hands have protruding veins and big knuckles. Black cargo pants and a black jacket.

Then he is hidden behind a wall of people, but the woman who just sat next to him is also wearing canvas sneakers only hers have white laces and her jacket is a bright pink somewhere on the magenta scale. Her nails are painted red and on her right wrist is a charm bangle and on the same hand is a single gold ring. She is absorbed in her phone just like he was absorbed in his. Her purse sits on her lap and is gold and Coach. I don’t have the eye to tell you whether or not it is a knock off, but this is New York, it’s a 50/50 chance. Her hair is black and hangs loose around her shoulders with bangs swept to her right that rest over her eyebrow.

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