#8 – I Want Your Powers/I am Jealous of Your Powers

This is number eight of the top 30 reasons for why normal people should not date a superhero(ine). Remember supers! This is all in good fun, BUT if you see yourself in these reasons you should consider altering your behavior in order to keep your beloved!

[In no particular order, except for number one because that’s my #1]

Note: This piece will be written using gender neutral pronouns (ze instead of he/she and hir instead of she/he and him/her) in order to make this non-heteronormative. I consider “bro” and “brah” gender neutral. I use them in my day to day life to refer to people of all gender identities.

8) Want Your Powers/I am Jealous of Your Powers

So this one has sort of been touched on in previous posts, namely #21 and #14, but because I think it is something that could potentially ruin a relationship or make it EVEN HARDER to have a relationship with a superhero(ine) I am including it here. I tend to be a very envious person. I want what other people have, especially if it is supremely cool and badass and what is more cool and badass than having superpowers? Being bulletproof or psychic or having superstrength, that would make my life so much easier!

I have worked hard to overcome my envious tendencies, but waking up every morning to someone who might be able to literally walk on water would probably put me over the edge. I would even add onto this jealousy from how much of hir life ze’s powers and super-duties suck up. Not only do you have SUPERPOWERS, but you IGNORE ME because of them. It truly is just a recipe for disaster.

Honestly, there are kind well-balanced people out there who are kind, giving, understanding, AND self-less. Not me. I WANT THE POWERS DAMN IT!!!!!!

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