Dear [Employers Name Here]

Dear [Employers Name Here],

I feel like you are punishing me for being a good worker. I know I am competent and capable. I know that I do a good job, quickly and efficiently, but why does that mean my reward is more work and no empathy? Why does this mean you pull me into your office and hand me yet another assignment? I already have eight people and only one of them is what you might consider a “light load.” Handing me another “light load” just because they are not teaching, does not mean this does not add to my stress or my workload. “They will only need you to make copies and set up meetings” is not reassuring in the least, do you know how many copies and printouts a single professor can generate even when not teaching? And do you know how frustrating and time consuming tracking down conference rooms and catering can be if their meetings are more than just one-on-ones in their office?

Yes, I know that I should have just said “No, I can’t take on another professor right now, thank you very much,” but there did not seem to be a space to say that. I sat down and was told about this person and then “I’m assigning them to you” and then expectant silence. Am I supposed to thank you? Am I supposed to jump with joy for another fucking person being added to my plate without any increase in pay or compensation? Most of my peers are running with 2-6 people and I now have a ninth fucking person. I am NOT jumping for joy. I did the best that I could and said that I already had eight professors and a lot of events coming up October that I was going to have to handle and you just continued to stare at me, no sympathy, no compassion, just “well it’s supposed to be a really light load, but if that changes and it is too much let me know.” I sat there and stared at you, obviously distressed and trying to wrap my head around this and you just waited, not offering to hand it to someone else, not caring that I was openly struggling to accept this.

And then you send this person an e-mail telling them that I am available for “secretarial assistance.” I am not a secretary. I am not a personal assistant. I am an administrative assistant.


Your Upset and Underappreciated Employee

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