Staring straight ahead, the subway rider is completely disengaged from the conversation happening next to her. Her companion to her left is completely animated, gesticulating when she talks, while their male companion nods along with a small smile. Her hair is up in a ponytail that is half pulled through its black hair tie into a half-assed bun, her bleached ends almost totally caught up in it, the roots of her hair are dark brown. She is wearing a short black sleeveless tennis dress with a white hem around the neck and arm holes. After three stops she decides to detach completely by putting in her headphones and propping her chin on her left hand. In the subway car lighting she looks tan, but it could either be a trick of the light or many hours playing tennis. She has worn and dirty white tennis shoes on with pink peds barely peeking out the top. She holds a yellow leather purse on her lap with a copy of AM New York. Her female companion starts talking to her so she is forced to pull out one ear bud and give weary answers until she is certain she has entertained her companion enough to put the bud back in and zone out again.

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