Bellybuttons freak me out and the girl standing across from me is unconsciously using the pole to play peekaboo with hers. It is not a full innie nor a full outie. Instead it looks like her bellybutton is trying to push itself out of her body. A small, fleshy nub nestled just inside the rim of the divot in her stomach. Like a worm hiding just blow the lip of its hole. I can’t even be jealous of her flat stomach because I am too busy envisioning her pushing that recessed button and transforming into a monster or maybe idly picking at it and accidentally ripping a hole open and blood and guts pushing their way out. My own innie bellybutton is not necessarily sensitive, but I hate cleaning it out because I am still half convinced I will split myself open and bleed out.

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  1. This was creepily interesting, haha. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Bellybuttons are terrifying. I will stand by that until the day I die by having my innards spill out through a perforated bellybutton! : ) Thanks for the love!

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