Snake Skin

Her sandals are snake skin – real or fake I can’t tell – but they remind me of my father’s snake skin cowboy boots and rattlesnakes. She is wearing black pants that rise up just above the ball of her ankle. They are high-waisted and she has a black shirt on as well. Over that she has a black and white sweater that is knitted and looks both comfy and soft, but much too hot for the 80-some-odd degrees my phone promises it is going to get up to today. A silver chain is looped around her neck, draping over her collarbones, and disappearing under the collar of her shirt. Her dark brown almost black hair is pulled back into a leopard skin patterned hair clip (that is fake leopard skin) with a few fly aways around her face and one longer wisp curving gently along one side of her face like a lover’s hand. Her earrings are gold hoops to match her gold ring and watch.

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