He makes me anxious, there is a desperation to his eyes as he looks at the woman sitting perpendicular to him. He had been quiet and detached until the two kids sat next to him, now he keeps glancing at them and then at the woman in a way that makes me feel the children disturb him on some deep level. Did he lose a child? Are they just being too loud for this early in the morning? Is it something else he and the woman having been arguing about and he is nervous about them overhearing? With my headphones in I can’t hear what he is saying to her, but his body language is tense. She touches his arm in a soothing manner and leans in close to hear something he says. The conversation heats up and then cools down, but he keeps looking at the kids next to him. Three stops later he pushes himself to his feet and says goodbye to the woman with a kiss and then lingers next to the train window sending his partner off.

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