My first thought upon seeing her is: badass. Her hair is buzzed short and bleached blond, one shade below white blond. Her headphones curl around the backs of her ears like secret service ear wigs and her makeup is simple and artistic. She does not look like a flawless doll, but her eyebrows are dark as are her eyelashes. She has just enough color in her cheeks and no lipstick. In her ears she has a gold stud and hoop combination. She is wearing a black dress with a cheetah print scarf around her neck. Shaved legs and gladiator-esque style black sandals with a heel. Her right leg is crossed over her left. Under her purse are a few magazines. Her nails are painted red and she uses her thumbs to navigate around her phone, one gold ring per hand. A simplistic gold watch is around her left wrist.

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