He is fanning himself with one of those cheap Japanese fans. It has a black plastic frame and stiff black fabric with white flowers printed on it. He is fanning himself at a pace perhaps two notches below “furiously.” His face is illuminated by the iPad in his lap, small beads of perspiration shining underneath his eyes. Mouth parted to breathe most of the time, he pushes his lips together into a small smile and rubs them together before letting them fall slightly open again. His iPad is being supported by his J&J reusable coffee cup which he holds in his right hand. His hair is that washed out color that means it was once brown, probably a light brown but the fast encroaching grey has have leeched the color out until it is a weak dishwater grey. One of the reasons he is so hot is the grey three-zipper jacket with bright orange detailing he is wearing over a checkered button down shirt and white v-neck undershirt. Around his neck is a gold chain, the pendant is hidden under his undershirt. Between his legs is a tall umbrella, the wooden handle leaning against his soft, rounded belly. Underneath the iPad and coffee is a small leather bag sitting on his jean-clad legs. His shoes are black leather and the frames of his glasses are black as well. The rectangular lenses do not reflect the screen he is looking at. His bangs rise and fall in the artificial wind he creates and at one stop he looks up and around the train, fan always in motion.

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