Sleeping and Pouting

He looks like he is sleeping and pouting, not reading on his tablet which I can clearly see him fiddling with, flipping through articles of the Economist. Head tilted down to look at the screen, his eyes lowered to read, he appears asleep, but his lips slightly pushed out giving him a resting pout face. He has a closely trimmed beard and mustache. As the train conductor announces we will be delayed he raises his right hand to prop his face up on it which makes him appear even more somnolent, his pinky tucked into the corner of his right eye a black digital watch on his wrist. He is in a white button up shirt and grey overcoat. His briefcase is in his lap and he has a wedding band in his left hand. His hair is buzzed short with little glimmers of silver here and there. I wonder if his bosses worry about whether or not he is paying attention in meetings and if he was ever told to stop sleeping in class growing up when he was really concentrating hard.

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