Flamingo Sneakers

She has flamingos on her flat sneakers and rhinestones on her black fishnets. Her eyelashes are fake and pitch black, a sharp contrast to her milky white skin and curly, tousled auburn brown hair. She has a headband with a big pink bow on it and her lipstick is a deep wine red. Her outfit has a short frilly skirt that is bright, pale pink and spring green, and her top is corset-like with a very nice decolletage. Her right hand has a deeper pink fingerless glove, while on her left is a black lacy sheer glove that reminds me of my goth days. Over this is a functional, but still cute black hooded coat. She has her left leg crossed over her right and at her feet is a big canvas tote bag with yellow handles and bottom with a sea foam green purse inside of it. She is playing around on her phone, her severely styled eyebrows pointing down and in. A long curl falls down in front of her face. She has a long, thin gold chain around her neck. Her earrings are big and flashy, and a safety pin is stuck through her jacket’s right breast pocket.

She switches her legs, purse now in her lap, phone put away and head bowed to catch a short nap. Her fingers are laced together and her bow rests lightly on the partition next to her. Glamour doesn’t usually give you much time to rest.

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