Saeb is Taking Questions!!!

Okay Everyone!

You all do not seem to want to talk to me so I am bringing in the big guns!!!!

Saeb came to work today!
Saeb came to work today!

He is very excited to receive your questions, comments and inquiries. He will be here only for today. If you have a writing prompt he will definitely try to get it written for you ASAP. SO MESSAGE AWAY MY DEAR FRIENDS!!! SAEB AWAITS!

Saeb sipping on coffee as he thinks about your questions
Saeb sipping on coffee as he thinks about your questions

Twitter: mimiscorpion
Instagram: michelle.austin29
Soundcloud: Little Gentian

Keep kicking ass!


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  1. Peppy says:

    Saeb, I want to know how close you are to sending an article for publication to different outlets.

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    1. i has an article much about good things : ) it is not close to publication. i read it every night before bed and write one more line. soon i am ready to take over world! crazy human who i own is working hard on novel with tatted man. they are on the 1st draft. need much more caffeine!


  2. Saeb has been asked what he thinks about Bernie Sanders, his response:

    i feel the bern often. usually after eating mexican food. i listen to him during debate and think he is like really old grandpa who gets really gruff and huffy, but still gives candy at christmas. i like that he is pro-human contraception because i am not ready for a second human to tend to yet. his is running a very clean campaign. little too squeaky clean. makes me feel like i need another bath and i have not had bath yet since having a human gifted to me.

    i am impress that he can apologize outright. i hear this is a very rare human trait. it is unheard of among my people. we just squish each other.

    he need to brush up on international stuff, but his national thoughts are much approved.

    know that i am better.



  3. Perc says:

    I want to know what makes Saeb Saeb? What is Sawb? What makes Saeb tick, or even tock? Who is this Saeb? and why is Saeb Saeb? And also what his favorite TV show is.

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    1. u are too philosophical for one so young. i make Saeb Saeb by power of being Saeb. Sawb is what you get when u mix toe cheese with belly button lint and earwax. i am not a bomb so i do not tick. cheese sticks do make me tock very much so.

      i am Saeb. i came into existence when a strange being from another planet gifted a human to me. my human discovered my name that is pronounceable by humans through a lengthy and painful back and forth with two translators. i am Saeb because my true name is incomprehensible to piddly humans.

      my fave tv show is gazorpazorpfield. i prefer movies though. my fave movie is two brothers. it’s better known as alien invasion tomato monster mexican armada brothers who are just regular brothers running in a van from an asteroid and all sorts of things THE MOVIE.


  4. Tippy Rex says:

    Saeb appears to have some sort of zebra friend behind the telephone. Care to comment, saeb?

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    1. u very observant rex. i would applaud but my arms are too short. it is actually an escapee of the system. his name is dr rafe short for rafael. he was kidnapped at a young age and forced into the organ black market. my human found him at a work party where she had partook of social lubricant. he appealed to her soft heart and she smuggled him out under her shirt. i heard it was a harrowing experience.

      he is actually a tiger. maybe he will take questions this week. but know i am smarter and cooler!


      1. Tippy Rex says:

        You are the coolest. Are you a hedgehog?

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      2. i can see how u might think i am a hedgehog. many have thought this in the past. unfortunately when i first came to earth i had very little understanding of earth wildlife and made my disguise a little bit too vague.

        if u were to see my true form your tiny human brain would be unable to comprehend the sheer awesomeness (think like angels in Supernatural or Cthuhlu) i am beyond understanding, but i have formed myself into this tiny ball of bear cuddliness in order to carry out a most important mission. not even my human knows what i actually am. her sibling and her siblings mate both consider me a hedgehog so i will forgive the mistake. if i were to take on a hedgehog-esque form i would look like sonic the hedgehog. he had cool hair.

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      3. Tippy Rex says:

        Ok I am following you because I love you.

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      4. excuse me while i do a victory dance in my human’s face. i appreciate your loyalty and will reward it. unfortunately due to rafe’s need to be in the limelight i will have to wait to have another day to answer questions (probably friday the 12th shall be my next day) but if anything comes up in the meantime do not hesitate to contact me here. for i am awesome

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