Pale Eyes

Pale eyes, dark hair, but the curls that are peeking out from under his backwards baseball cap are bleached blond. He is wearing Skeleton fingerless gloves and his nails are painted black. He has a lip piercing and one in his right eyebrow. He is smirking at his phone, but he is really laughing at his friend moaning and making lewd comments in high pitched falsetto across the crowded train car. Around his neck are two crystal necklaces, one is almost clear with an icy blue hue and is wrapped in copper wire. The second is a large black looking crystal with a single, rune-engraved band around the top of it. He plays with his lip ring, pulling the tiny black ball in and out of his mouth. His head nodding along to the music coming from his phone.

His eyebrows are dark, his eyelashes are long, and he has a beard along the edges of his jaw and under his chin with a little bit of mustache on his lip. An older woman asks him to turn off his music and he complies. He is wearing a black button down shirt and slacks with a black belt. The sleeves are rolled up past his elbows and he has a green stake-like earring through his right ear, it is probably a plug, slowly opening up his earlobe. His elbows are braced on his hips as he plays some game on his phone. He never stops fiddling with his lip piercing. His nose is unremarkable. Not too big, not too small. It tucks under a little bit; this is probably what saves him from looking pixyish, if it had tipped up he would have looked more elfin.

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