Resting Aneurysm Face

He has resting aneurysm face. He looks simultaneously pissed and ready to have a heart attack. Backpack between his knees and store bought ripped jeans. Black v-neck t-shirt that clings to his form well. He looks more contemplative when the train is in motion and borderline alarmed every time it enters the station. His intensity is humorous and most likely a result of it being before 7 am and a lack of caffeine.

Neatly trimmed beard. Close shaved head. His metro card is tucked between his phone case and his phone. He has one hand holding the top handle of his backpack and is using the other hand to do something on his phone. He lowers his phone and holds it with two hands, his left hand still holding his pack. He closes his eyes, probably getting that last moment of calm before the storm of the day. Headphones in and some unknown music playing in his ears. I hope it’s Call Me Maybe because that would make my day.

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