Work is Really Cramping my Crafting Time

Jane catches me up with her cross-stitching and gives sound advice on dating.


Dear Libby,

I have been diligently working on my Christmas Stocking for Gavin and you can see the progress has been slow but steady. It is difficult to limit myself to only an hour of stitching each night.  As each stitch is laid the picture develops more fully beneath my fingers and my desire to see it completed grows. Being an adult requires that the dinner be made, dishes be washed, the laundry folded, phone calls made, birthday cards be written, and personal hygiene be attended to. I resent these mundane chores as they keep me from my loom but appreciate getting a good night’s sleep, being clean, and having food to eat. Work is really cramping my crafting time.

The Etsy site is on hold until I can get myself a little more organized. Right now I have so many projects lined up for family and friends it is difficult to…

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