Hey Y’all!

I got an e-mail on Friday, so here are the questions and answers!

An Admirer said:

What do you love about NYC?

I moved to NYC August 2012 and have been here since. I have lived in three different neighborhoods and two difference boroughs. One of my favorite things (and also one of the things that stresses me out to no end) is public transportation. NYC is a city where you absolutely do not have to own a car. There are certain times when I wish I had a car – when I need to drag 20 pounds of paper to Staples to be shredded securely, when I want to get furniture to NYC, and when I want to go berry picking – but for the most part I can enjoy everything the city has to offer without having to make car and insurance payments. It also means I can go out and drink with friends without worrying how I am going to get home. I love the subway. Love it and hate it in equal measures some days.
On a less boring note, I love the many different events and things that happen in the city. This coming week I am going to the Museum of Sex, a board game brunch, and a free production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as volunteering at Bluestockings. There are more opportunities here than I had back home.
Have you finished unpacking from your apartment move?

No, I still have a big plastic box filled with kitchen supplies, and two xerox boxes filled with story notebooks and drafts.

I love your subway observations…

Thanks! I sometimes wonder who is watching me when I watch other people, I also am constantly amused by how few people realize they are being stared at. But I have no leg to stand on because I am mostly oblivious to everything.

And those were all the questions I got this week!

All the best,


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