Talk to Me!

Hey Y’all,

So we are making progress! I have people liking my questions, answers, and requests post last time, and it was awesome, but I think you should ALSO ask me a question or make a request. Is there something you would like see happen with Farley? Is there a letter you would like written? Are you curious about anything about me? You don’t get posts on Saturday until I get at least a question!

If I get time this week I am going to record me singing “Baby Bumblebee” for my tumblr so keep your ear perked up for that, but beware that my tumblr is my fanfiction safe haven and it can get a little smutty over there, as well as political.

I am also doing the social media thing now:

Twitter: @MimiScorpion



I have an instagram too, but that is really not very interesting right now. Maybe if I get better at that I will post it up here.

All the best,



PS – anyone interested in my top 30 reasons to not date a superhero(in)e?

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