Questions, Poll, and Requests!

Hello Everyone!

It’s Friday again! TFGIF! This is the general call for questions and requests, plus a poll. I want to alternate my Wednesday Playlist post with longer prose posts about a recurring character. Please look at the three characters below and vote on which one you would like to see every other week!

Don’t forget that this is the time to ASK any burning questions you have! Request me to write something, or ask that I expand on something that I have already written!

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Twitter: @MimiScorpion


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Character 1 

Quid – I am sure some of you remember Quid fondly, well I think I might have finally found a plot/world for her if anyone is interested in hearing from her again.

Character 2

Kasmira – a young woman who has been infected with a deadly disease that is slowly killing her and the only way she can be saved is through a spell that will tether her soul and life-force to another person and essentially make her their slave.

Character 3

Farley – a quirky modern day girl who considers herself a wordsmith and has many humorous encounters with her gynecologist


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