I was required to compose a haiku about myself and so, being the overachiever that I am, I wrote 8 of them. Seven are below because I submitted the 8th one for something and I’m not sure if I am allowed/should post that here. Enjoy!


Quick smile, easy laugh

Quiet beneath, watchful eyes

Open, but still closed


Idealist girl

Cautiously dreaming woman

Create this writer


Little gentian

Eager to bloom in this place

Bud slowly unfurls


Borderline crazy

Eager to change the system

Full of good intent


All about the sex

But wanting hands held tight more

Die hard romantic


Quick smile, easy laugh

Quiet beneath, watchful eyes

Stories fill her mind


Catt butts, hockey butts

Passionate about writing

Central New York bitch


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Veena says:

    The first one is good!


    1. Thank you! That was actually the first one that I wrote. I like the structure and constraint of haikus, they require you to be precise and concise while still making your point.


      1. Veena says:

        Yes I am very impressed by the form too. We studied it in Graduation and I remember being so caught up in the classics


      2. There is something about the classics, the structure, the care, the counting of syllables and up and down beats, and the symbolism. I don’t dabble much in poetry and I read even less, but I need to fix that because the imagery and emotion that is packed into so few words can be breathtaking. I inherited some books of poetry that I have been meaning to read, but there never seems to be time and I become frustrated so easily trying to decipher what is going on. I really like Franki Elliot’s typewriter stories.

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