Playlist 3 – Angry Prose Poem

Playlist: Angry

Constraint: Rearrange the words to make a prose poem using only two lines at a time.

Comes Day Again

Rock me – exactly. Tell the bass to up the me, to step me up. Step upon all my need. Time known in anyone, I always like to not depend. The hundredth everything before time said “go here.” Yeah, push for has been, we up the hit. Once bodies before you, let the floor – I’ve told you this bit. Bit you, but show if I’m empty – feel so little. You bit that on Saturdays.

Can those feel? On a day she’s here (wonder and drunk) comes day again. She and I did everything to say what you done. I’ve you as I expect. Escape passion, can’t play this end of hell. Pieces in my hole cut into this. Creeping psycho at night, I get it, I hear psycho. You wanna have all? Gonna get clean. They’re up – I been wanted – your looks could.

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