Playlist 9 – Impressions, D20

Playlist: Depressed

Song 20: Don’t Wait by Dashboard Confessional


Have I ever been truly bare before another person? Completely stripped of all artifice, pretensions, control, and pretty lies? How rarely have I spoken without tempering my words, and tone, and thoughts. Never have I shared the whole of myself with another person, instead I measure exacting inches to give to people, little pieces to show my trust, prove my trustworthiness. My desires and needs and wants remain sequestered while I expect my partners and friends to reveal all, while I cannot.

A friend once said that everyone had secrets and that you would always keep something from your significant other. I greatly disagreed and announced that in a relationship there should be no secrets and you should know everything. I did not realize I would be the withholder, wanting someone to prove himself so I could tell all.

I hand you inches hoping one day they will turn into miles, but in the end they are inches and I do not trust you enough to crack open my ribs and give you everything, but I will unbind my hair, drop my clothes, and pull you into my body.

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