Wild Child

She has thin, slender wrists and small palms. Her fingers are long and dexterous, her nails unpainted and trimmed short. The spaces between her bony knuckles are long. She is a wild child with long, full, and wavy red hair highlighted with gold. The curls turn softly at the end, when they are further up the weight pulls them down into waves. Those long fingers tangle in those red curls and she looks regal and above everything. It was the first time I understood the concept of someone having a mane of hair.

Her eyes are deepset without being gaunt, her brows prominent without the Neanderthal feel. From the side her face looks as though it is angled down to the point of her chin. She seems delicate and airy and wiry. A dancer so light she could skip across the surface of the water and not fall in.


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