So I am in the middle of a few posts that will be finished shortly and put up. I also have a paper that I wrote a few years ago that I am debating putting up on bisexuality and bi-phobia.

Right now I am taking a breather from my thesis to work on a 7 year old series I started with my friend freshman year of undergrad. The series is a sci-fi dystopian universe where a small unit of enhanced soldiers join up with a rebel group to fight a much larger force that is threatening the universe. A few weeks ago I finished up a profile for a character named Rune who is a ant-mole hybrid humanoid and am currently working on Alix a chameleon-jaguar hybrid humanoid. I spent the day researching snipers, chameleons, and jaguars and am just about ready to get to work on her profile. Next is going to be Ridcaz a scientific experiment whose sole purpose is to help dying races breed. I don’t know if this series will ever be finished, but I love the characters and their arcs and will never forget it.

So I will leave you with a piece of wisdom one of my customers gave me:

“The only difference between creepy and romantic is whether or not you like it.”

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