Also on a terribly delightful note:

Customer: *sets down cup of trail mix that has craisins, raisins, nuts, etc in it*

Me: Will that be all?

Customer: Yes

Me: That’ll be 4.00

Customer: *starts fishing around in his wallet*

Me: *brightly* You know who also has really good nuts?

*everyone freezes – customer, and both coworkers*

Me: *slowly dawns on me what I just said, blushes and hangs head* Damn it.

(I was going to tell him that Trader Joes has an AWESOME trail mix and nut selection)

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  1. Gibble96 says:


    Gutter interpretation ruins everything well meaning XD. Trader Joe’s nuts really are the best though (I swear I’m talking about almonds >_>).


    1. The almonds are AMAZING, I just need to be careful when I talk to people at the register. I have gotten a little better at catching myself before I say disastrous things, but not always.


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