Most Favoritest Words


This is the follow up post to Least Favorite Words. The next day I worked I asked people what their favorite words were. As someone who talks a lot and loves words I had a ton of fun with this.

There was a three-way tie for Number One

Coffee – Desperate, desperate people. But I completely understand, most days at the café I can’t wake up until I have at least three shots in my system. That’s what happens when you have to get up at 4am to be to work on time.

Serendipity – The first person to suggest it did agree with me that although it is a good word, it was a terrible movie and that was when John Cusack was on his downward slide.

Love – Sappy, sappy people.


Followers up!

The – the first customer to answer this question responded with this because of “practicality.” It makes sense, after all, we use the poor word so much we usually forget that it exists!

Lambent – The person who told me this was their favorite word got the definition wrong, they said it meant “gleaming or shiny” it actually means 1) “running or moving lightly over a surface” 2) “dealing lightly or gracefully with a subject” and FINALLY 3) “softly bright or radiant.” So not completely wrong, but it is the third definition and gleaming is “a flash or beam of light” not soft at aaaaaaall.

Blueberry – Favorite word NOT favorite fruit. He made sure I knew this.

Bullshit – I loved this person. YES YES YES

Dickish – “Because it means exactly what it sounds like/says”

Bazinga – this guy didn’t have a favorite word, but he said this is what popped into his head at the last minute. We both agreed that we didn’t WANT to like the show, but we did.

Facilitate – Why in the world this would be someone’s favorite word I don’t know. It’s so cold and distant. I was a facilitator for so many different things and while I enjoyed them, the word itself is so clinical that I cannot really love it. It also is kin to “facility” which reminds me of “institution” which is white walls and straight jackets and drugs and hospitals so YUCK BAD FAVORITE WORD.

Rad – MUTANT NINJA TURTLES BITCHES (Radical radical radical! Radical radical radical!)

Life – Because that’s what it’s all about it! (Isn’t this also what they said about the hokey pokey?)

Flabbergasted – I remember this word fondly from growing up. We stayed up late telling stories at my aunt’s and Persephone made up a story with a cat whose name was flabbergast or something. The next morning I woke up with a bruise on my head because I spent the whole night rolling into the bed on the floor.

Conduit – technical, but not bad.

Apricity – How the guy who told me this one explained it was: the warmth you feel from the sun on an otherwise chilly day. Very poetic. Wiktionary says: the warmth of the sun in winter. I really like this.

Antithetical – directly opposed or contrasted. My smile today was antithetical to the murderous feelings in my twisted little heart.

Theophany – “resembling or appearing as a god or God.” I am a theophany. says it means “a manifestation or appearance of God or a god to a person.” Fuck yeah, I am a theophany. Especially because of my name. Suck it bitches. Michelle derivative of Michaela derivative of Michael which means WHO IS LIKE GOD (let’s ignore the question mark that usually comes after that).

Propreantepenultimate – so this is the most bitchin’ word you will ever find. Because I said so and because of the explanation that is about to be slung your way. Fuck yeah. So what does ultimate mean? How we use it in colloquial English is the equivalent of “awesome” or “mostest awesome EVEH.” What ultimate ACTUALLY means is “last; furthest or farthest….highest…” So it is the last high, the best high. The final high. I was squeeing at the guy who explained this to me. I almost gave him free coffee I was so excited by his love of words. So Penultimate means second to last. So it was ALMOST the best/final thing ever. This word – propreantepenultimate means fifth to last. Blew my goddamn mind.

Wonderlust – I don’t think this is an actual word. I asked the woman if she meant “wanderlust” but she said no “wonderlust.” So since wanderlust means “a great desire to travel about and rove” I am going to assume that wonderlust is the “great desire to find things to be in awe of.” I have a strong sense of wonderlust. I retain the wonderlust of childhood.

Phenomenalguy with a GED told me this one. He didn’t think he was smart enough to really appreciate words, but that’s bullshit. This is one of my favorite descriptors. It was a phenomenal ass my dear. Prodigious. Exceptional. One could LITERALLY bounce a quarter off of it.

Schadenfreude – nuff fucking said. Your pain, my pleasure. Yes, yes, yes. Like when my friend walked into a wall while talking to me. I wasn’t even trying to distract him into the wall, he just walked into it. Laughed so damn hard.

Loquacious – subtle jab at me? GO FOR IT. Makes me think of Con Air

Arbitrary – another jab at me? Arbitrary question? Fuck yes. Did you still answer it? Yes. Who won? That’s right. Me.

 Bantam – a small or quarrelsome person. Damn. Even the priests are taking shots at me. This is just damn sad.

Two, to, too – this dude’s just a jerk. I told him I preferred made up words. Like squorrgle and snorrfle. They are action words that need no definition. If I squorrgle you, YOU KNOW.

Phlegm – It’s just epic. Bask in it. Just not literally.

Kerfuffle – I am naturally always in a kerfuffle. It sounds adorable.

Extraordinary – Reminds me of Liz Phair’s song.

Yeah, I drive naked through the park

And run the stop sign in the dark

Stand in the street, yell out my heart

To make, to make you love me


I am extraordinary, if you’d ever get to know me

I am extraordinary, I am just your ordinary

Average every day sane psycho


Average every day sane psycho


Fuck – just look at the song XD

Sexagenarian – old people…..

Gratitude – this is a good one, we all need to be more grateful every day for what we have in our lives.

Bravery – Eh, this is so banal, but reminds me of the Sara Bareilles song “Brave.”

Philanthropy – There are too many philanthropists and not enough people who actually give a damn

Titillate – Mmmmm, titties!

Hermaphrodite – I told the person who told me this was their favorite word that it was now supposed to be intersex. I was a little in love with this word when I heard one version of the Greek myth associated with it, then I read Metamorphoses and it was a disturbing and kind of rapey story, so I am okay with intersex replacing hermaphrodite.

Toxic – Britney. All I can think of is Britney Spears

Sporadic – Like my behavior on a good day.

So these are just some of the words that were submitted, I omitted a few of the more boring ones. Think about what your favorite word is!

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