She is the Spring

In a sea of dark winter coats, she is the spring. She is surrounded by black and brown poofy coats, while hers is a light, hopeful green. Her boots are brown and ankle high with two straps and brassy looking buckles. Her toes point inward to make a shelf for her to place her big black bag (probably where she is hiding winter) with a silver zipper. Her tight blue jeans are lightly distressed so you can see the white and her cowl is a warm cream color. Her hair is too red to be strawberry blond, but too blond to be a blazing fire. Her gloves are purple leather and she has taken only one off to use her phone, her other hand holding the extra glove. She has headphones in as she swipes through her phone, brow slightly furrowed. I assume she is reading the news – her mouth is a firm disappointed line.

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