This Week Eleven Years Ago

The Week of 12/25/2005

Witty one liner: Welcome to hell, take a number…

Quote of the week: “The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.” – Heraclitus

Offbeat oddity (courtesy of the planner): The California state flag was originally supposed to feature a pear, not a bear.


Looks as though I missed one! The witty one liner of this week in 2005 was sort of the theme for October, November, and December of this year. Every time I thought I had something under control it turned out that I didn’t and I had to scramble to get all my ducks in a row and figure everything out all over again. I had four major events in two months and then a surprise one right before it was time to leave for break….sooooooo not feeling too kindly towards work right now. Mostly I am just so completely burned out and incapable of relaxing that I have turned into a prickly, grumbling asshole of a person. Brazilian Helicopter Pilot has been an absolute saint about it and I am working on my need to find a way to thank him and make up for it, when I know that in the same situation I would do the same thing so it is an equal give-and-take relationship.

As for the quote, it reminds me of another one which goes along the lines of your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, you actions are who you are. Everything inside of us adds up to who we are and if we do not tend that garden it will wither and die and dangerous plants will sprout up in their stead. This is of course why positive self-esteem and self-talk is very important. It cuts off some of your capability to empathize with other is you cannot empathize with yourself. If all you can think are horrible, mean things, then can you really expect your soul or your core to be anything but dark and angry?

I am so unsure of how the hell they got from a pear to a bear that all I can say is: this is why I will never live in California. West Coast, worst coast. East Coast, best coast. I can never imagine being on the west coast, they are so relaxed and chill and weird over there. Also there is no water. NEW YORK FOREVER!!!!!!

All the love for the New Year.


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