Silver Hairs

Silver hairs curl up around his dark brown cornrows that are shot through with silver as well. A black earwarmer headband covers just the tops of his ears. The young child next to him offers him a bite of her breakfast sandwich and he accepts. Black beads from the bottoms of his cornrows lay lightly against the back of his clean-shaven neck. After some negotiation about where his (grand)daughter wants his arm to be, she cuddles up against him to lightly doze for the rest of the early Monday morning commute. He drinks from his coffee and checks on her every so often. He is wearing camo cargo pants, with his daughter’s bright pastel blue backpack hanging off of his right knee. Grey bottom shirt, black hoodie, and black winter jacket. He is wearing wire-rimmed glasses and has silver scruff. Sometimes when he checks on the little girl she will pick her head up to look at him before snuggling back in.

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