Faded Jacket

Converse-esque shoes, non-descript blue jeans and a black messenger bag between his legs. A green Henley that is buttoned all the way up except for the top button. A black jacket that looks like it could be Carhart from how durable it appears. The black is fading to white along the seams and it can be difficult to tell if it black or blue. The cuffs are frayed, strings hanging over his hands as he works on something on his mac, one hand props up his chin for a moment while he contemplates what is on the screen. He has black in-ear beats on and the cord hangs down his chest and lies along his hip, falling down the side of his seat and then back up into his pocket. His glasses have the rims only on the top and he has a neatly maintained beard and mustache. He is unerringly awake and engaged for so early in the morning.

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