Diagonal Line

He has has a golden patch of hair right at the top of his hair in the middle of a wave of medium to dark brown hair. It is hard to tell if it is from too much time in the sun or fading color. A work ID is clipped to his pants over his right hip. Two thin, beaded bracelets are on his right wrist – one is dark brown, the other a muted jade. His eyes are closed and his lips are more than parted but it seems unfair to say his mouth is hanging open. He taps his index fingers against his Android phone to a beat only he can hear through his white and silver headphones. His shirt is snug, letting the world see that he is fit, but not overly muscled. There are two moles that form a diagonal line down his throat with the origin point being his right earlobe. When he closes his mouth all the way his bottom lip juts out farther than his upper lip. His brow is as prominent as his lower lip and his nose is shaped like a small bell with a soft dip down at the bridge of his nose. He is clean cut and the front of his cheeks are abnormally flat. All in all, the more I stare at him, the more he looks like a young Hugh Grant.

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