Fitbit on one wrist, a black hair tie around the other, she is ready for the day. She scratches her scalp with two painted nails before tightly interlocking them on her lap, but only for a few moments. She separates them and rests the right hand on top of the left. Then rubs at her eye with her right hand and loosely interlocks them. Black slacks, black sandals, and a burgundy shirt with short sleeves which is complimented by the deep purple reusable grocery tote between her feet. Her purse is black leather with brown leather handles and strap. Her blond hair is pulled back out of her face by the sunglasses pushed up on top of her head. Her face droops around her mouth, pulled down by gravity – whether that is the Earth’s or if it is of her current situation I cannot tell. Her eyes are currently downcast as she picks at her nails. A few freckles speckle her pale arms like the night sky in a light polluted area.

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