Her face looks pained and sorrowful. Her brows pinched together in pain or concentration. Her straightened red hair is partially tucked behind her ears, the rest of it hanging over them to mostly hide them from view. She has white ear buds in and her mouth is down-turned. Every part over her face seems to be being dragged down by gravity and the slow suck of life in the city. Deep lines are furrowed between the sides of her nose to the corners of her mouth. Her knees are completely bare, poking through two big holes in her jeans. A massive brown leather bag sits on her lap, the baggage of life concretized and dropped on her. Between her sneakered feet is a Whole Foods bag. Veins pop on the back of her pale hand, snaking down to her wrist. Dark bags of stress and lack of sleep cup her eyes. The only part of her face that is resisting the drag of life is her nose which is definitely upturned if not a little red from allergies or a lingering cold.

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