Arts and Crafts Time

It is arts and crafts time on the train. She sits on a seat in the middle of the train with a small bag full of wire strands and green tape. She rips off a decent sized piece of tape and wraps it around the wire quickly, efficiently, and neatly. When she finishes a strand of wire she puts it back in the bag and pulls out another. It reminds me of making flowers when I was in Girl Scouts.

Her hair is pulled up into a bun with a French braid along her left side tucking into the bun. There is only one bobby pin that I can see. She has glasses and acne scars. A thick, woolen scarf around her neck and a jacket whose texture and design remind me of “Navajo” blankets that people sell to tourists. She has on brown jeggings with an orange bag tucked between her feet. Pale sky blue converse with pink and purple striped socks. There is a single gold ring on her left ring finger with a beautiful gem setting. A dark scar cuts through the skin on the back of her left middle finger. The tendons in her wrists stand out as she rolls the wire between her fingers. Veins form a topical map on the backs of her hands. She ceases after checking to see how many she has done and takes to staring at the mid-distance.

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