Your Lord and Savior, Saeb, has Returned!

No more need to worship false idols! Your time quivering in the dark and wondering if that bright moment a few weeks ago was the only time you would see him is over! FOR HE HAS RETURNED!!!!

Saeb 3

And he has Deadpool on his side.

Saeb is ready! He will answer any question you shoot his way!

Twitter: mimiscorpion
Instagram: michelle.austin29
Soundcloud: Little Gentian

Keep kicking ass!


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  1. Perc says:

    My Dearest Saeb, Lord of all things awkward.

    Here are some questions I pose to you.

    Who are you?

    What is your quest?

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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    1. i see what u are doing here perc, but i question whether or not you listen. u asked me this same question last time. but i shall respond anyways.

      i am more than ur tiny brain can comprehend. i am beyond ur imagination all stuffed into a cute cuddly form so u could gift me to my unsuspecting human. i shall rule the world through her and u shall be my slave.

      my quest is to find a good polish restaurant with amazing pierogies so i can do a johnny depp from once upon a time in mexico on the chef. after that world domination and being able to spend one night not being squished flat by my human.

      as for airspeed velocities it depends on the what kind of swallow it is – a dry swallow or a wet one.


  2. Mike says:

    Saeb, I am not sure I trust you with those scissors…

    I hope you know not to run with them?

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    1. i cant run. my legs are much too short. i fly with them and to date have only ever harmed the people i intended to harm.


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