The Small Details

She is wearing brown leather clogs with knee high socks that have thick green bands alternated with tion bright green stripes. She is sewing the frayed inside edge of her burnt orange backpack back together as the train shakes and rocks its way downtown. Her hands are thin and worn, veins and nerves creating a topical map on the backs of her hands. Her fingers and palms are lined with work and age. Her nails are trimmed short and she has a small black watch on her left wrist. She works steadily, tests the seam and then ties off the thread. Her pants are a quilted olive green and end a little bit past her knees with grey leggings underneath. Her coat is red and in good shape with a faux fur lined hood and the magnetic theft-prevention tag still attached. She has a red and black fanny pack strapped around her middle, the pouch hanging over her stomach. She pulls an iPhone out of it with its headphones still attached, her blue tooth over-the-ear headphones are around her neck. A red scarf is around her neck and a black and grey earwarmer/headwrap is on her head, her short brown hair poking out the back. She puts one earbud in, crosses her arms over her chest and closes her eyes.

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