Welcome to Earth! No One Cares.

There is a man yelling in the middle of the train. I believe he is speaking Spanish, but I have my headphones on and only know that I don’t recognize the words he is spouting during the lulls between songs. He has been going strong since we left the 145 street station and we are now on the long haul between 125 and 59. I had a moment where I wondered what it would be like to arrive on a planet full of glorious purpose. You know that the planet is going to be destroyed in a set period of time, but you could stop it if you had the citizens of the planet’s help. You have sheafs of notes and a brilliant plan…..but no one speaks your language. After months of struggling to learn the new language and gain support you end up dirty, hungry, and pissed as hell espousing the planet’s imminent demise on an early morning downtown D train.

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