I just want to be loved….

So come talk to me!!!

Hey Y’all,

It is that time again! You are allowed to talk and message me all week long, but I set aside Fridays to really push you to send me a request or ask me a random question about whatever had popped into your head. This week has been overwhelming on many levels. There is a lot going on with my family and just with me personally.

Don’t forget that next week I will be reading at Bluestockings. I have made an event page on FB in case that is easier for you to remember with: Michelle is Awesome!

Other than that…..let’s talk!

Twitter: mimiscorpion
Tumblr: deviousscorpionangel.tumblr.com
Instagram: michelle.austin29
E-mail: littlegentian29@gmail.com
Soundcloud: Little Gentian

Keep being badass!


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