Hair Tie

There is a man in a three piece suit on the train with a hair tie on his right wrist. I see many people in three piece suits, some fill them out well and look good, others need to get their suits fit better, but what struck me about this guy was the hair tie. Whose is it? His hair is not long enough to warrant a hair tie. Is it a significant other’s? Is it a friend’s? What about a child? I am instantly intrigued.

On his left wrist is a watch. His hair is done as an undercut. From behind you can see his hair veering to the right instead of straight back. I can’t quite tell what the pattern on his socks is, but it looks like it could either be camouflage or polka dots. He is wearing dress shoes that are black and shiny and big. There is a scuff on the back of his right shoe. Are his feet actually that big or are there an extra 3 inches on the front for intimidation/virility purposes?

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