She has a mole just above the right corner over her mouth, not a small one, but a fully raised one. It creates questions like what does she think of this mole? Does she have a lover and if so does this lover sometimes leave off kissing her small, firm mouth to worry at it with his/her/hir own mouth? What do her lovers (past, present, and future) think about it?

Her hair is black and a fine texture. She has it pulled back and then to the side so it wraps around the left side of her neck, the tail of it resting over her left breast. A bobby pin holds her bangs to the right so she can hook it behind her ear and keep the strands out of her eyes as she thumbs through her phone.

She’s wearing a light blue button-up shirt, done up to the collar, the sleeves buttoned at her wrists. On her left wrist is a thin leather watchband. She drinks steadily from a Starbucks cup, fortifying herself for the second half of the day. Her eyelashes are dark and without mascara, soft and delicate. Her eyebrows have been refined away to almost nothing and she has long, bright pink professionally manicured nails.

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