Update and Process

Hey Delightful Readers!

Good news, today was my 2/3rds day so I worked 6 hours instead of 9 and was able to come home and do some transcribing. I have the odd quirk of being unable to create in text documents on computers. I sit down and see the endless expanse of nothing and my brain seizes up and refuses to work. I can write e-mails and non-fiction things on the computer, but creative fiction, not at all.

The result is I have to write everything out longhand in my teeny, tiny handwriting and then type it all up, but it’s a good thing for me because I can then do some minor editing as I switch mediums. It’s funny to watch people find my notebooks for two reasons: 1) I have had multiple people tell me my handwriting looks like a serial killer’s and 2) I write from the front and back of the notebook. I start all notebooks in the front, but inevitably a new inspiration will strike or I’ll see someone on the subway or I just have a little note I need to jot down to be able to remember. I don’t want to break my current project in half with the new thing so I just put it in the back. I also have 3-4 notebooks going at a time.

What I was typing up today is the first two and a half chapters of my novel. I have been having some trouble with it so I am hoping that by going through what I have already written and essentially rewriting it I will be able to fall back into the story and pick my flow back up.

Persephone and I are having lots of fun on Capital2Apple and I hope you all are enjoying it as well. We use the letters not only to flex out writing muscles, but also to keep in touch, a lot of the stuff we write about is based in truth and is only exaggerated a little bit.

I guess I wanted to shoot you all a little letter to say hi, and let you know that if you have any comments or questions feel free to post them or e-mail me. I hope you all had an awesome week and that your weekend is even better. Talk to you soon!


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