A Concern Returned

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Dear Jane,

Concerned is a mild adjective for my feelings regarding the human race. When you work in the service industry such as I do, it quickly becomes hard to see the good side of humanity. I have observed many coworkers go from congenial and kind people to flinty-eyed, snarling, misanthropes. The reasons are numbered and varied – the persnickety regular who demands perfection, but never tips; the idiots who can’t read the board and mix up the iced and hot drinks; the assholes who change their drink after they have paid and we have started making it (“I did say I wanted that iced, right?” or “And could I have that with almond milk? I’m lactose intolerant”), and the puffed up pricks who think they are entitled to coffee every moment of every day.

It is the extreme latter who never cease to annoy, astound, and frustrate me. Today…

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