A Concern Voiced

Jane receives an e-mail with very disconcerting news indeed….


Dearest Libby,

I am concerned for human kind. Today I received an e-mail from our Security Manager specifically outlining those items that employees should NOT attempt to shred. It was alarming to learn that my coworkers are attempting to shred plastic bags, pizza boxes, paper coffee cups, juice boxes, broken glass, and bottle caps. Seriously, who puts a pizza box through a shredder? How is that logical? Shredding exists for sensitive documents. Did they draw some obscene stick figures on the box out of boredom? And after realizing what they had drawn become so overwhelmed with shame they could not possibly put it in the recycle bin? And why is someone decades over the age of 8 drinking from a juice box?

Until this e-mail arrived I attributed the consistent shredder problems to the shredder bin rarely being emptied. The average employee at this institution cannot understand the red blinking…

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