A Challenge is Issued

Hey hey hey! Remember the delightful sister I have mentioned in previous posts? Persephone and I have started up an epistolary blog and we just put up the first letter ; ) I’m sure it won’t take long for you to figure out who is who. Please read and enjoy!


Dearest Libby,

Once again I am faced with the depressing truth that my salad is not a cookie. The weather is turning colder and the leaves are changing color. Pumpkins have made their annual debut at the grocery stores and roadside farm stands. Stores boast decorations for all upcoming holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and – yes – Christmas. My thoughts have naturally turned to cookies, hot chocolate, mocha lattes, and steaming pasta dishes covered with Parmesan cheese and delicious red sauce. Comfort food. And my salad stares back at me. Simple. Healthy. Practical. Boring.

I am using the routine break in my day to send you a small letter. Since the death of our grandparent I have realized the importance of putting words on paper. After sifting through file after file of letters sent over decades, I realized that my children will never be able to trace my thoughts and…

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